Tee Signs

Top Golf Courses Turn to FusionCast

Custom golf tee signs is what we do and we do it very well! In fact, one-third of Score Golf's 100 Top Golf Courses in Canada, feature FusionCast signage. We may not have been around for the very first golf sign but today golf courses around the world come to FusionCast to develop customized golf signage solutions for their courses, clubs, entrance ways and a host of other applications. The benefit to our system is that we combine metal with high density urethane (HDU) that creates the prestigious look and feel of a traditionally made metal sign at a significant savings in weight and cost. That means your shipping, handling and mounting requirements just got easier as did your budget — something everyone appreciates in these challenging economic times.

Golf Signs That Are Tough

As for durability, rest assured that your FusionCast golf tee signage, wayfinding, directional and entrance signage will last a long, long time. Our custom golf signs are extra tough, strong and backed by a 10 year warranty on craftsmanship and construction and a 20 year warranty on the substrate. Our golf signage products can withstand all manner of extreme weather conditions without cracking, scratches, stains or warping. Many of our golf signs appear on Canadian golf courses like Glen Abbey, Legends on the Niagara, Magna and many more where winters bring frigid cold followed by blistering heat and sun in the summer.

When it comes to golf yardage markers, directional signs, tee markers, club signage and a whole host of other applications we know you have choice — a lot of choice. Some of the options are fairly basic and cheap, and if that's what your golf course needs, then we encourage you to pursue them. However, we believe that we can provide something better, much better that will make a completely different statement about your golf course and your image.

An Endless Array of Design Options to Suit Your Golf Course Signage Needs

Where our golf signs really shine however is in design. Instead of choosing from a template design, FusionCast products are completely customized to your specifications. The possibilities are endless and can include a 3D version of your logo, a texture from the natural contours of your golf course, different visual themes, images, colour and any shape or size.

A FusionCast golf yardage marker makes a statement about the quality of the course and attention to detail. It's a show of the pride that went into designing every hole and promotion of the club behind it. Our golf yardage markers are backed by long term written warranties because we stand behind our products and hope you will continue to use our technology on the rest of your golf signage requirements.

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